Fast Loans

Money certainly, cannot buy everything. But besides clearing your bills and allowing you your basic necessities, it can help you in many emergencies that are unexpected and may pop up any time; especially when you least expect it. A medical emergency, for instance, needs immediate cash requirements. You definitely cannot wait for the end of the month to arrive when you get your pay cheque. Or perhaps a sudden car breakdown or a house fixture! Do you wish shell out your savings in such situations or cash out your smart investments? Well, when you have the modern day options present, you can definitely strike those options out. Payday loans are one such smart options, that can get you hassle free fast cash in no time. With these options you can even plan out to clear your pending bill amounts or grab a quick market offer that cannot wait for your pay cheque arrival.

So, what is a Payday loan?

Payday loans are easy to seek fast loans that are short term in nature. These loans are intended to cover the financial requirements of the borrower until their next payday. The best of the payday feature is that you get instant loans without any hassles and paper work. Some verification, in general, may or may not apply depending on the lender. Like every other loan, these loans come with interest rates and fine penalties on late repayments, etc. Yet, unlike other loans, these loans are instant and are often categorized as one of the best fast loan options available.

Why choose Instant Cash Advance?

With numerous loan options available, you might wonder which one to choose chose and trust up on, in times of emergencies. At Instant Cash Advance, we assure you quick and quality service that is a hundred per cent hassle free. Here are some quick features that can reflect our policy of assistance for providing you fast loans:

Applying for an online cash advance through is merely a task of a click. You can avail for a payday loan online limiting up to $1500 and all you need to do is fill out the application form with your personal credentials. With our 100% secured and privacy verified interface, you can rely up on us and request for a transaction at any point of time.

ICA offers online cash advances that can be availed by filling out an online application which is, further, approved in only a few minutes. All you need to have is a job and comply with our minimalistic eligibility criteria, unlike other online loans.

You can request for a payday loan at Instant Cash Advance from any of the states of the US, complying with our minimalistic requirements. So instead of driving away to banks and lenders during emergencies, we offer you a simple course of action: Go online and log on to, fill out the application form and wait while your application is approved. After an electronic signature, you will receive the required funds in your account within the same day! Couldn't get simpler, could it?

If you have a bad credit past or even have an outstanding loan, do not worry! We will make sure to not let it hinder the process.

Payday Loan Eligibility Criteria at ICA

Instant Cash Advance offers you Payday loans with the minimalistic eligibility requirements as compared to other lending services that offer online loans. To qualify for a payday loan through our cent per cent secure interface, you only need to comply with the following eligibility:

  1. You must be a citizen of the United States and should be minimum 18 years old.
  2. You must have a stable job paying off regular incomes and you must have a bank account (supporting a direct third party credit transfer).

With such high end benefits, there is no way you cannot keep your cool and have a peace of mind in that critical moment when you might be required to figure out solutions to other issues but financial. While the funds you require are just a click away, you would not have to break loose your savings and investments for minor emergencies. Also, you save your own self-respect by not borrowing cash from family and friends. Once you have your next pay cheque, you can easily repay your borrowed amount with the reasonable interest that may be applicable. Instant Cash Advance could be your one stop for immediate cash requirements at times of emergencies.